Useful Tips for Hair Transplant before and after

Hair Loss is a problem that scares every person just with its name. You do not like to look into the mirror when you are suffering hair fall. When it comes to the treatment of this problem, there are different options that range from medications to herbal remedies. But, this article is centered to one specific treatment method – the ‘Hair Transplant’. You will get to know about hair transplant before and after in details in this article.

Hair Transplantation – This is a surgical technique that works by moving one part of the skin that contains hair follicles to another part – from the donor site to the balding area. This hair loss cure is performed mostly in the cases of male pattern baldness in which grafts are transplanted to the bald scalp.

In this article, we will discuss some important tips for hair transplant that should be taken care of before and after the surgery.

Tips before Hair Transplant –

1. Avoid Medicine – Prior to the surgery, it is required to refrain from any kind of medications and alcohol as it might lead to excess bleeding. The patient is given pre-operative antibiotics to the graft infections.

2. Research – It is very important that you do a thorough research about the best clinics that have reliable Doctors who are qualified and well experienced. After making the research, talk to the Doctor clearly about all your doubts before the surgery. Talk openly about everything like the outcome of the surgery, allergies, effects (if any) etc.-etc.

3. Best Transplant Technique – If money is not a problem for you, then you should opt for the ‘Follicle Isolation Technique’. It is the best of all of them. It is also known as ‘Follicular Unit Transplantation’.

3. Online – You can also get the information through the internet. You will find many good sites with all the detailed information that you are seeking for your surgery.

4 Costs – The cost of hair transplant is charged according to the micro-graft transplantation that varies from one center to another. If you want to have good results and fewer invasions, then you may be charged more.

5. Caution – Be careful about the fake hair growth products like ‘snake oils’ etc. as there are no proofs that they contribute to hair growth.

6. Reason – It is very important that you know it very well that you are not seeking this treatment because of illness, trauma, or hormonal imbalance.

7. Sessions – For some patients, one single session is enough, others may require more. If you are told that you need more sessions, it is better to wait for 4 to 6 months before the next procedure, it allows enough time for the healing of the wounds of one surgery.

8. Smoking – Quit smoking for at least two weeks before the surgery.

9. Good Candidate – You are a good candidate, if you are a semi-bald person. If you are totally bald person, the hair transplant is not an option for you because of the lack of the donor area – hairs from another person cannot be transplanted into your head

Tips after Hair Transplant –

1. Avoid Aspirin – You should not take aspirin for 2 days after the transplant procedure and also do not drink alcoholic beverages.

2. Motrin Tablet – The Motrin tablet is used for reducing the discomfort after the surgery. 1 tablet is given in every 4 hours a day. The patent is given Tylenol with codeine to take before sleeping. But, the patient should not mix these two different tablets, use only one.

3. Swelling – The first day, you are required to lie back, keeping a cold compress to the forehead for minimizing swelling around the eyes. You should ice the forehead consistently for the first day after the surgery. It helps lessening the swelling. When you develop swelling, get a warm cloth to cover the face. Swelling occurs 3-4 days after the surgery and may continue up to a week.

4. Bleeding – When you see bleeding, do not panic. Get saline sprayed gauze and use it over the bleeding area for 15 minutes. If the bleeding does not stop, then call the Doctor.

5. Sleeping – When you sleep, for the first few night, you have to keep the pressure off the back of the scalp as slight spotting may occur. Place an old pillowcase or any other rough cloth on the pillow to save it from become stained. Get an old towel and keep it under the neck for supporting the head elevated and to relieve the pressure.

6. Diet – After the surgical procedure, you should eat a balanced diet with all the essential nutrients in your diet like minerals, vitamin supplements etc.

So, all these tips for hair transplant are very important before and after the surgery. You must have got a clear understanding about hair transplant before and after.

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