Most Effective Hair Loss Remedy

Are you a person who is tired and fed up with the numerous ineffective hair loss treatments that do not give any positive results and who feels cheated by trying them? If you said “yes, then you must also have experienced their harmful side effects.

But you do not need to lose hope, as I will guide you through some natural hair loss remedies that work effectively for this problem.

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1. Amla:

It is also known as ‘Amalaki’. It is a great herbal hair solution. This Ayurvedic herb carries very useful properties. Amla is one of the effective antioxidant agents that prevent premature graying of the hair. This herb rejuvenates the hair and also promotes growth by redefining the hair roots and sending the proper nutrition to them. It improves blood circulation when it is massaged into the scalp. It also works as a hair loss remedy when you take it orally.

2. Bhringraja:

This herb is very helpful for treating different diseases. It has great efficacy in curing any kind of disease related to hair. This hair loss remedy has the potential to increase blood circulation to the scalp. It increases the nutrition intake, feeds the roots, and enhances hair growth. It improves the overall texture of the hair, making it more shiny and enriched.

3. Margosa:

This herb, also known as ‘Neem’,” cures different types of diseases. It works effectively for treating hair loss problems and curbs any infection in the blood and the scalp. It promotes hair growth and works effectively as a hair loss remedy. It has great properties as an herbal hair solution.

4. Coconut:

It stops hair fall effectively. Coconut has useful properties that help promote hair growth and also avoid premature graying of the hair. It also helps cool down the head and releases stress, which improves the condition of the hair.

5. Henna Leaves:

Henna has great powers. It not only colors the hairs but also gives them proper nourishment. It nurtures and gives life to the hair. The henna paste penetrates the hair roots efficiently. Henna works as an herbal hair solution by suppressing the infection (if any) that may be the reason behind hair fall. It cools the head and gives life to the hair.

6. Licorice:

It works on hair-related problems by increasing the blood supply in the scalp and nourishing the hair roots with a fresh oxygen supply. You can use this herb as a hair loss remedy.

7. Dong Quai:

This Chinese herb is very useful as it contains phytoestrogens that work to block the androgen receptor sites, and it also converts testosterone to DHT. Dong Quai can also be used by women as a female hair loss remedy, but pregnant women should avoid it.

8. Healthy Diet:

You should eat a balanced diet and have all the essential nutrients. Eat fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains, and nuts to improve your hair. You can also take a dietary supplement with a rich amount of vitamins and minerals that work well for healthy hair.

9. Exercise:

Doing exercise indirectly plays an important role as a natural hair loss treatment. Stress is a major element that can result in hair loss, and exercise reduces stress effectively by improving the body’s ability. Exercise also improves blood circulation and strengthens the body’s immune system.

10. Oiling:

Oiling the hair also benefits a lot. A scalp massage using castor oil improves hair growth and prevents hair fall by strengthening the follicles and keeping any kind of infection away from the scalp. You can also mix sweet almond oil with the castor oil for fast results. Messaging the hair with lavender oil, olive oil, etc. stimulates the hair follicles and makes your hair grow long and healthier. Hair oiling is a centuries-old female hair loss remedy.

So, you must have understood why  natural hair loss treatments are always better than conventional options. They are cheaper and do not cause any kind of side effect. If you are suffering from the hair fall problem, then follow these effective natural herbal remedies and get benefited.

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